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We offer the matching cleaning technology for your application.

Due to their complex design and the large number of pipelines, equipment and components, liquid-carrying systems have special cleaning requirements.

We support you from the first test cleaning to the final operation of your own comprex® system and beyond.

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Solutions for regular cleaning operations:

Choose your comprex® Unit

With your own comprex® unit, you keep your piping systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview which comprex® unit is perfect for your task here.

Your advantages

Short shutdown times
Efficiency increase
increased process reliability
permanent cost savings
Automation possible

Short shutdown times

efficiency increase

increased process reliability

permanent cost savings


automation possible

Stationary comprex® units

The stationary comprex® technology enables preventive cleaning of your equipment before deposits form.

Permanently integrated into your production

Adapted to your operating procedures

Automated cleaning without manual operation

Permanent cleanliness of your systems

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-300 is suitable for cleaning different areas in your plant.
The unit can be flexibly connected to different systems.

Touch screen control for easy operation

Individual cleaning programs

Compact, easy to transport

Multiple connection options

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-20 is used for cleaning smaller systems. For example, it is suitable for removing deposits from the heating/cooling channels of plastic injection molds.

Intuitive touchscreen control

Predefined cleaning programs

Automatic change of flow direction

Condition assessment before and after cleaning

comprex® Units

The CU-3300 enables the cleaning of municipal water networks in the areas of drinking water, raw water and wastewater.

Trailer with won diesel compressor

Large compressed air reservoir

Compressed air preparation for hygienic operation

Integrated comprex® software with simple touchscreen operation

Training of your personnel on site

We like challanges

Custom solutions for special applications

We are open to new innovations and offer special solutions that are optimally adapted to your requirements.

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-1000 is a custom-built unit for cleaning product lines, for example at a pesticide filling plant with frequent product changes.

Touch screen control

Defined cleaning programs

Drying feature

Documentation of the cleaning processes

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Industrial applications

We are specialized in these applications:


Product lines

Cooling and temperature control systems

Machine cooling

Cooling lubricant

Heat exchangers

We offer soulutions across all industries:

Paints & Coatings


Plastics processing

Metal processing




Raw materials

Our system is optimally suited for these processes:



We offer versatile product solutions

Municipal applications

We are specialized in these applications:

Waste water pressure lines

Heat exchangers

Waste water treatment plants

Drinking water pipelines

Raw water pipelines

Well pipelines

Our plants are suitable for this purpose:

Water suppliers

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