Physics instead of chemistry – how comprex® works

Celaning Process

comprex® is an impulse flushing process developed by us and proven in practice.

We offer the solution to your problem: our patented comprex® impulse flushing process. We clean where others (processes) cannot reach – flexible, highly effective, sustainable!

We are service provider and plant manufacturer. The cleaning of fluid-carrying pipeline systems is our specialty! For more than 25 years, we have been cleaning the piping systems of our customers in municipalities, in buildings and in industry. The special feature of our comprex® cleaning process: It cleans gently, purely mechanically through the targeted use of air and water and does not require any chemicals at all.

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Developed and patented:

The comprex® Process

In contrast to conventional water flushing, we use targeted impulses of compressed air and water. Our process therefore works purely mechanically without aggressive chemicals and still achieves the desired cleaning effect.
Our cleaning units are connected to the flushing section to be cleaned. From there, filtered compressed air is injected into the pipe in a controlled and pulsed manner. Inside the pipe – with the water remaining there – packages of air and water blocks are created, which flow through the pipeline section at high speed (up to 20 m/s).
The turbulence generated in this way develops strong shear and drag forces that mobilize the deposits on the pipe walls and reliably discharge them. The result: clean pipes and clean water – efficient, gentle and economical.

In this way, comprex® removes even heavily aged deposits. comprex® cleans gently because we always operate below the permissible plant pressure. Regular cleaning of your equipment contributes to efficient, hygienic production.

The advantages at a glance

Short shutdown times
Efficiency increase
increased process reliability
permanent cost savings
automation possible

Kurze Stillstandszeiten


Erhöhte Prozesssicherheit

Dauerhafte kostenersparnis




Dissolving power

The packets of air and water flow through the cleaning section at velocities of up to 20 m/s. They generate turbulence with strong shear and drag forces. This loosens deposits on the inner surfaces of the pipelines.


Impulses from air and water

The introduced compressed air expands inside and, together with the slowly inflowing water, generates impulsive blocks of water and air.


SCU-Stationary Module

By means of software control, the comprex® unit selectively injects compressed air pulses and water into the section to be cleaned.


Discharge is collected

The dissolved particles are discharged from the line and collected on filter fleece for documentation. The discharge is disposed of properly.

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From test cleaning to your own comprex® system

Just a few steps to a customized cleaning solution

With your own comprex® unit, you keep your piping systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of the steps we take to develop your own comprex® unit.


Detailed planning and engineering

Every cleaning measure requires careful preliminary planning. We always take into account the local conditions and effortlessly adapt our comprex® process to the requirements of the equipment and systems in your plant.

During the pre-planning stage, we determine the cleaning sections with feed-in and feed-out points and plan the cleaning sequence.


Test cleaning

We would be pleased to carry out a test cleaning with our cleaning technology on your premises so that you can personally convince yourself of the comprex® cleaning potential.


Concrete offer

Subsequently, we develop concrete proposals for the implementation of comprex® technology in your company.

We will advise you on the integration of the software into your operating processes. Based on an intensive pre-planning, we will submit you an offer that is suitable for you and the requirements of your production.


Customized plant

After test cleaning and pre-planning, we know your requirements and adapt hardware and software to the structural conditions of your operation as well as to the desired cleaning intervals.

We build your own comprex® unit according to your cleaning requirements. Whether mobile or stationary - our developers and designers plan and build the cleaning unit exactly according to your ideas.


Installation on site

In the first step, our service technicians install your new comprex® system in your plant and connect it to your interfaces on site.


Training of personnel

In the second step, our service technicians train your staff so that you are able to operate the comprex® unit software independently at any time.

The preset cleaning programs and the intuitive touchscreen operation facilitate the handling of the cleaning measures and the setting of the necessary cleaning parameters.


After Sale Service

Even after integration of the cleaning unit at your site, we are available to advise you.

Whether maintenance, software updates, purchase of spare parts or further training - we are at your service according to your needs.

We invest in innovation


We are pioneers in the further development of the impulse flushing process: By investing in research & development, we are constantly redefining the performance spectrum of comprex®. Participation as a research or industry partner in various joint projects, for example with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), has already enabled us to develop two patents.

Research projects give us the opportunity to constantly put innovative ideas into practice. In our own test facility at our site in Landau, we regularly test and optimize the effectiveness of our process

Forschung und Entwicklung
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