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Our high-performance and tailor-made comprex® systems enable our customers' plants to operate permanently, efficiently and hygienically.

Whether for cleaning product lines for pesticides, for regular cleaning of production plants in paint production or for cleaning injection moulding plants and tools in the plastics industry, our high-performance and tailor-made comprex® plants in a wide range of variants enable permanent, efficient and hygienic operation of our customers’ plants.

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Paint and Coatings industry

The goal of producing preservative-free paints places enormous demands on operational hygiene during production. With comprex® you can keep your plants hygienic even with frequent product changes - using only compressed air and water.

Process-integrated and automated cleaning

Effective cleaning of complex production plants

Cleaning of pig lines

No contamination after product changes

Chemical industry

Product changes in industrial plants results in additional effort and downtime. comprex® cleaning removes product residues from pipelines for fast and hygienic product changes.

Validatable cleaning process

Low water consumption

Cost savings due to reduced wastewater volumes

Plastics processing

During the operating time of injection moulding machines, deposits form in the cooling channels of the mould. This reduces the cooling capacity. With comprex®, possible efficiency losses and shutdowns can be avoided.

Restoration of cooling performance & process reliability

regular cleaning at short intervals

easy operation of the comprex® unit

Large-scale sewage treatment plant

The formation of deposits in sludge pipes led to increased maintenance costs in plant operation. By using a stationary comprex® unit, the time-consuming manual cleaning could be replaced.

Cleaning at short intervals to prevent the formation of deposits

Automated cleaning through integrated SCU

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