More than 25 years of experience

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At comprex®, we have been committed to the efficient and sustainable cleaning of pipeline systems throughout Germany and beyond since 1997.

Our fields of application include municipal pipelines and networks, drinking water installations in buildings, and industrial systems. If deposits form in the pipes in these areas, we are available to remove them. The focus of our services is the patented comprex® impulse flushing process developed by us, a process that we are constantly redefining and expanding in various performance levels. This enables us to adapt it perfectly to the individual, changing tasks of our customers.

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More than 25 years experience with comprex® 

Research & development and plant engineering

This is where comprex® is born

In our technical department in Landau, we work daily on the further development of our process. Here, hardware and software fuse to form our unique comprex® technology. Together with sycotech, we develop the process control software and integrate the technical equipment into the various comprex® units.

Plant and vehicle engineering

The development, production and maintenance of our comprex® units is carried out in-house by our development engineers, designers and mechanics.

System control and automation solutions

With modern interfaces, intuitive operating concepts and adaptability to any device, sycotech GmbH offers its vision of modern machine control to a wide range of customers. Since the company was founded in 2019, it has bundled HAMMANN's IT expertise and is steadily expanding it within the new framework.

sycotech GmbH
Zweibrücker Straße 13
76855 Annweiler am Trifels Germany

Project Management

In addition to plant and vehicle engineering, the offices of our project engineers are located in Landau. Here, all steps from development and planning to maintenance of our comprex® units are coordinated.

Our test facility

A special feature: our own test rig. In it, we regularly test the effectiveness of our comprex® process or conduct feasibility studies with customers. We will be happy to demonstrate the power of comprex® to you during a visit to our pilot plant. Make an appointment and experience a live demonstration in Landau.


Competence Center for Mechanical Cleaning

years of experience

The focus and heart of our business is our patented comprex® impulse flushing process, which we are constantly redefining and expanding at various performance levels. This allows us to adapt it perfectly to the individual, changing tasks of our customers. As a service provider for the cleaning of fluid-carrying systems and as a manufacturer of mobile and stationary cleaning systems, we have been active in various areas and sectors of drinking water supply and industry since 1997.

This is what comprex® stands for

We stand for new impulses

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians provides clean solutions and satisfied customers with expertise, competence and state-of-the-art equipment. Our ambition: To work responsibly, transparently and progressively today and in the future.

We stand for a promise kept

Our many years of experience with the comprex® process allow us to achieve the best cleaning results. With over 25 years in use, our process has steadily proven itself and provided us with wide customer confidence. We set a high value on product quality and can offer reliable solutions with our innovative technology.

We stand for an efficient solution

The comprex® process works in a resource-saving way with natural raw materials such as air and water. Our effective air and water pulses allow us to reduce the consumption of water and chemicals to the minimum. We offer optimal and individual cost-benefit solutions. We enable an uncomplicated and fast cleaning of complex pipe systems from the outside.

We stand for competent advice

With expertise and knowledge, we offer reliable and personalized advice. Our motivated professional employees work discreetly and effectively on solutions. We support our customers in the best possible way to be able to achieve their goals safely and place a high value on customer satisfaction.


We consider it our task to establish the potential of comprex® technology in all areas in order to ensure the hygiene, quality and profitability of our customers.


With our impulses, we set new standards across industries and thus ensure the proper operation of the veins of our modern society.